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  • Whilst we offer traditional single expert witness assessments in Public and Private Law, we also specialise in Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Expert Witness Assessments. Our bespoke teams are able to cover all aspects of child and family assessments, and include professionals from Clinical, Educational and Counselling Psychology, Paediatrics, Integrative Psychotherapy, Adult and Child Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work, Family Therapy, Child Counselling, and Behaviour Specialists.
  • WIPC also offers forensic assessments of young people at risk of offending and sexually offending behaviour, as well as of vulnerable young people for the purposes of disability, educational tribunals, and medico-legal reports.
  • We offer services within Legal Aid Agency rates and work in accordance with the Practice Direction for Expert Witnesses.  Several of our team members are fully qualified and hold the Bond Solon CUBS Certificate.


  • Letters of instruction are directed at one person who is accountable to the Court for the work undertaken by the team. WIPC works within the rates and expenses set out by the respective jurisdictions in which we work and is able to work across the UK as well as Jersey and Guernsey. We do all that is possible to provide assessments and reports within the timescales requested by the Court.
  • We have experience of working with children, young people and their families where have been concerns about neglect, emotional harm, physical conflict and violence, sexual abuse, and family breakdown. Our team are able to work with the child, the adults and the family in order to assist the Courts and the parties in achieving the best outcomes possible for the child. Our work involves parents with psychological and mental health problems, drug and alcohol difficulties and those with learning difficulties, where we routinely use the Parent Assessment Manual (PAMS).
  • Members of the team have specialised training in the administration and scoring of attachment based tools such as the Adult Attachment Interview, Parent Child Index. We commonly use video assessments of parents and children together in order to provide evidence-based assessments of parent – child relationships and attachment behaviour. We also offer a full range of psychometric assessments of adults and children, including measurement of intelligence and achievement, mental health and personality.

  • WIPC has developed a specialist interest in family law and members of the team have published a book on the subject, ‘Understanding and Assessing a Parent’s Capacity to Change within the Timescales of the Child’ (Jordan Publications).
  • Requests for individual and team curriculum vitae are available from info@wipc.co.uk. We only accept ‘Joint Instructions’ between the parties. In order to provide a fast and efficient response to your enquiry it is helpful to have an anonymous pen picture of the child and family, and the scope of the assessment required and your timescales. It is essential that we are provided with contact details for all of the people involved in the assessment as soon as we are instructed in order to avoid delay.