WIPC | Psychological Consultation
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Psychological Consultation

  • WIPC has developed specialist skills in supervision and consultation with professionals and organisations. We are interested in reflective practice and the use of practice – theory relationships in seeking to provide evidence-based interventions. Our team use a range of approaches to help individuals, families, and organisations think about they way they work, why they might be ‘stuck’ or to help them develop their ideas further. We consult with schools covering all aspects of the ‘Inclusion Agenda’ and help them develop their own expertise and skills in working with vulnerable children.


  • We deliver training to schools nationally and internationally and facilitate a certificate programme for teachers and special needs support staff for children with developmental and psychological problems in the UAE. We aim to offer schools with an integrated package of assessment and intervention on specific pieces of work with individual children, but also to integrate our knowledge and practice into the ethos of the school through on-going training, consultancy and supervision. We believe very strongly in reflective practice and developing professional’s understanding of the psychological needs of children and young people at school and in other institutions charged with the care and development of children.
  • Infant mental health is perhaps one to the most important parts of our work and we provide assessment and intervention for babies and their parents. Supported by psychologist with high level training in attachment and infant mental health, we work with very vulnerable families with young children.
  • All members of the team seek their own professional supervision, but also as a team we support each other in order to ensure the best for our clients and for ourselves.